Wedding Insurance – Everything You Need To Know!

Wedding insurance, trust us, is a must-have when you are planning a wedding. We invest so much time, effort, and money in preparing for the D-day, but a slight hiccup can make the whole event fall like a house of cards. It is impossible to bring back time and effort, but you can recover most of your money if you have wedding insurance.

After all, if you need to explain your Wedding Day in one word, I guess it would be Special! We plan everything to the minutest detail- the perfect gown and tuxedo, the flowers, the venue, and not to forget the guest list. Everything should fall in place on the D-day. And we pray it does, but if not, a small safety net like wedding insurance can be the savior you would much need at that hour. And the best part? It is not that expensive!


So, come on, let’s dive into the details!

What Is Wedding Insurance?

In a nutshell, it protects your investment from situations that are out of your control. So that, you feel secure that as you prepare for your special day, you have only excitement and not fears of what if something goes wrong.


Here are some circumstances when wedding insurance can come in handy and when it isn’t applicable.

What Are Sometimes When Insurance Can Be A Boon

Here are a few situations:

  1. The bride’s best man or any other key guest gets injured and cannot attend the wedding. Now, you need to postpone the wedding! But don’t worry, the investment part is sorted. You will get all your venue booking charges, the money you spent on invites, catering, cake, dresses, musicians, the floral designer, etc. However, the deductible applies here as well. But still, there is a lot of burden off your shoulders with the safety of the insurance policy.
  2. Let’s say the groom loses his tuxedo while traveling, maybe in the airport baggage. What would he do now? Well, buy a new tuxedo just before the wedding. If you have the insurance in place, you can get all your lost tuxedo money reimbursed.
  3. A global pandemic, like what we are experiencing these days, bans flying to the destination. Plus, there are restrictions regarding gatherings. What would you do? Postpone and rearrange, right? And you can let out a sigh of relief as insurance will reimburse you for your bills.

Thus, a good policy covers everything from a lost tuxedo to a whole new wedding and even a pandemic. Pretty good deal, isn’t it?


What Are Some Circumstances When The Insurance Is Non-Applicable?

Let’s see some situations like them:

  1. The bride or the groom gets cold feet, and anyone of them backs out. A wedding cancellation due to this reason does not counts.
  2. Groom wears a Rolex that’s lost. Then wedding insurance does not cover it. Watches, Semiprecious gemstones, Jewellery, or Pearls are not included in the policy even if attached to clothes.
  3. You lost the rings! However, you can buy engagement ring insurance, but a wedding insurance policy does not cover it. Though, do remember to check if it falls in your homeowners’ or renter’s insurance.

These were the situations that fall out of the safety net.

What Are The Two Types Of Wedding Insurance Policies?

Insurance is, however, a complex subject; let us make this part easy for you.

A wedding insurance policy is of two types- Liability & Cancellation.

Liability is simple. Anything went wrong during the ceremony, like the bride’s uncle tripped and got hurt; a liability policy will cover the bills. It is an essential policy if you have alcohol in your ceremony. Local jurisdiction might even need it for a liquor permit, or your venue might demand it from you.

Cancelation is evens simpler. Most of the above examples that we saw were regarding the cancellation of weddings. If your marriage has to be canceled or postponed, this policy will save your day and wallet!

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

It covers all the primary reasons why your wedding day might suffer. But there is a cap on the limit of reimbursement for every reason. Let’s see what they are:

#1: Weather

Weather is indeed the most unpredictable part of the arrangements. It can surprise you no matter what the forecast initially was. If bad weather stops the couple or any key guests from reaching the wedding ceremony premises, the policy will take care of the rescheduling.

#2: Sickness or Injury

If the couple or any important relative is unwell and cannot attend the ceremony, your policy might save the day.

#3: Site

The venue is the most crucial part. But if it is, say, closed down or experiencing an electricity outage, or even burned down, your policy can cover the cancellations and all other costs. Also, check if your site is already insured or not.

#4: Vendor No-Show

No wedding ceremony can be held without the vendors—the florist, the caterer, the officiant, etc. If, due to any reason, the vendor does not show up, you can file a claim. Your policy will cover the cancellation or postponement of the wedding.

#5: Military or Job

Military duty can come any time. If the bride or groom is called for military duty, the policy might cover the postponement.

Also, if anyone, the bride or the groom, is moved to another city suddenly by its company, the policy can cover the postponement.

So, these were all the areas that a wedding insurance policy covers. But do remember to check whether your policy covers all the critical areas required by you.

But apart from covering these reasons, a policy can also cover the additional but important wedding items. Here is a list of these items. You can add them to your policy for some extra cost.

  1. Honeymoon
  2. Photography
  3. Videography
  4. Medical coverage
  5. Attire
  6. Gifts
  7. Personal Liability

The Maths Of Wedding Insurance: How Much It Costs?

According to The Knot, a general liability policy covering $1,000,000 costs around $185. Also, the cost of a basic policy that includes loss of attire, photos and videos, rings, gifts, and deposits, varies between $155 to $550. The cost entirely depends on the coverage you need.

But here is a small tip. Buy early to get an incredible deal!


Lastly, we would like to say there is no set answer to what you should include in your wedding insurance policy. Every wedding is different and has different needs; some need mandatory insurance for rings, some for honeymoon. Others would like to have basic weather and site insurance.

Thus give a thought to what your special day needs and spend accordingly.

This was all in our wedding insurance 101 guide. We hope you liked it and that it was informative. But if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, drop them in the comments section. We are all ears!

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