Mortgage Calculator with Taxes, Insurance, PMI & HOA

The Process of Using the Mortgage Calculator

The first and foremost step that you need to take is to accumulate info regarding house and loan. You have to insert a bit of information. It could be the down payment, home price, loan term, and interest rate. It is totally fine in case you do not know the exact information to determine how much you need to pay. Use the closest information you can determine. Just in case you are planning to calculate a monthly payment in detail then there is an alternative. You can make use of the mortgage calculator with Taxes, Insurance, PMI, and, HOA. Here, you must enter details like annual homeowners’ insurance, etc. If applicable, you may even need details of condo fees or monthly HOA.

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What Does Home Price Mean?

Home price is one of the first inputs for mortgage calculation. Home price is calculated depending upon your earnings, debt payments, down payment savings, and the credit score. You might have heard of a 36% rule while buying your home. According to that rule, your main aim should be to keep the debt to income ratio around 36%. It could be even less than 36% or 43% max when you apply for a loan. The ratio gives you clarity about how much you can afford for the mortgage payment. If the ratio is low it means you can afford to pay for a mortgage. Similarly, the higher ratio would mean you will not be able to cope up with it.

To calculate debt to income ratio you have to add up a lot of things. For example, your monthly expenditure on debts, projected loan EMIs, and credit card debts. After that, you have to divide it by your before-tax salary on a monthly basis. As you know, for the calculation of the percentage you need to multiply it from a hundred. The final result is debt to income ratio.

Down Payment

If we go by the general calculations then mortgage lenders expect at least 20 per cent of down payment. The condition applies to conventional loans where there isn’t any PMI. Down payments are not a necessity all the time. In the case of VA loans, you won’t have to make down payments. On the other hand, FHA loans require only 3% of it. So there are exceptions.

It even depends on your mortgage lenders. If they offer you a program with a down payment of 3% to 5%, it is even better. Homebuyers must aim to save 20% of the price of their house before taking up a loan. After all, you have to make down payment. If the down payment is of considerable amount, it can improve your chances of a better loan interest rate. Along with it, your income and credit score is a major criterion for determining the rates. Don’t forget that mortgage calculator considers taxes, insurance, PMI, HOA, etc. too. Yes, the higher down payment will mean lower mortgage value but other factors are important too.

Rate Of Interest

With the help of mortgage rates comparison tools, you can check your qualification for a mortgage. Mortgage lenders also provide interest rate during the pre-approval process. You can also make use of the mortgage rate that they provide you.

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It is best if you consult a mortgage broker for a variety of interest rate options. There are websites that display the currently ongoing interest rates for the mortgage. So there are tons of options to find out the interest rate. Make sure you do not totally rely on them. Your debt to income ratio and credit score may even increase or decrease the interest rate.

How Do You Define Mortgage?

If you closely look at the drop-down list you will find the option to select a mortgage. You can select it for a 15-year fixed-rate to a 30-year fixed-rate or even 5/1 ARM. The two former ones have loans on fixed rates. It means the monthly payments and interest rate doesn’t change and stay the same during the loan period. ARM means an adjustable-rate mortgage.

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It typically means that the mortgage rate changes after a few months or years. Generally, it changes once every year. Also, the economic situation affects the mortgage rate. Most people select 30-year long fixed-rate loans as they don’t have any plan to shift. In case, you may move after some years or change the house then ARM is a better choice.

Interest and Principal

The principal is the amount of your mortgage loan that you take from the lender. In return, you promise to return the money with additional money in the form of interest. The interest rate may increase over the course of time. It is a certain percentage of the initial loan amount. The fixed-rate mortgages come with the equal principal and interest sum.

However, with each passing month, the actual number changes as and when you pay the EMIs. The technical term for it is amortization. In the beginning, you have to pay higher interest percentages as compared to the principal. With each passing month, the principal will be more as compared to interest.

What About Homeowners Insurance?

It is a policy that you purchase for your home. The insurance provider will provide coverage in theft, storm, or any other damage. Earthquakes and floods come under different categories of insurance. Based on the type of coverage, the insurance may vary between a hundred to thousand dollars. If you plan to borrow some money to purchase a house, they usually ask for homeowners’ insurance. These types of policies safeguard you from a financial crisis that occurs due to unwanted events. So in a mortgage calculator with Taxes, PMI, HOA, insurance is also an important consideration.

How Does Property Taxes Operate?

Buying a property comes with a set of taxes that your country or district imposes. Just enter your town’s name or zip code in the property tax calculator to get the details. It will provide you with the average effective tax rate of your area. These depend on your state and county. In the United States, if you buy a home in New Jersey you have to pay the highest amount of tax. In the case of Wyoming, the tax is low.

The average rate in New Jersey is 2.44% while in Wyoming it is 0.61. So you can understand that there is a significant variation. It is some per cent of the value of your house. You receive the bill annually. And in certain areas, the government reassesses your home each year. In others, the reassessment occurs once in every 5 years. You have to pay property tax for the benefits like road repair and maintenance, and services.

How Do You Define PMI?

We as homeowners feel that we are at high risk so we need insurance but the lenders also need it. The lenders need to secure loans that are at high risk and that is when PMI comes into the picture. It is private mortgage insurance. If you do not qualify for VA loan and cannot pay a 20 per cent down payment then pay for PMI. The reason behind the payment of 20% down payment is equity.

Just in case you do not have enough equity then you are a possible default liability. You are already at high risk and the lender will be on even higher risk with it. For the calculation of PMI, a percentage of your original loan is the key. It could range between 0.3% and 1.5%. Once you are able to pay for at least 20 per cent equity, then you can stop paying for PMI. So entering PMI in the mortgage calculator along with taxes, insurance, and HOA will give you more clarity.

How Do You Define The Term HOA Fees?

If you are new to buying condominium or home you will come across the term HOA. It is a homeowners association fee. This fee is part of the planned community for your home or condominium. You have to pay HOA fees every month or on an annual basis. The fees are for community area management like community pool and maintenance. The HOA is never kept secret to keep it real. You can check its details with the current owners of the house or property. This fee is different from the property taxes and doesn’t even come under homeowner’s insurance.

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