Which Industries does Insureon offer General Liability Insurance To?

Do you know Insureon offers general liability insurance to around 30 industries! But what is Insureon? Insureon is a leading independent marketplace that facilitates small businesses to get insurance online and be risk-free. What’s more, they provide insurance agents with knowledge about your industry so that you get the most out of your premiums! So, let’s see which industries Insureon offers general liability insurance to?

Which Industries Does Insureon Offer General Liability Insurance To?

#1: Auto Services

Insureon provides its insurance services to auto services like auto detailing and car washes, auto repair shops and mechanics, and gas stations!


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Insureon further says that automotive businesses tend to pay a median of less than $50/month or $576/year for general liability insurance.

#2: Building Design

The services insured under the building design are architects, building inspectors, construction project managers, control systems integrators, draftsmen, engineers, interior designers, land surveyors, landscape architects! The median cost is less than $145/month or $1705/year!


#3: Cleaning Services

The company provides insurance expertise for carpet cleaning, house cleaning, janitorial services, pool cleaning, pressure washing, septic tank cleaning, and window cleaning. It may cost you less than $45/month or $530/year!


#4: Construction & Contracting

There is an endless list of covered services like masonry contractors, carpenters, painters, etc. Also, the median premium paid is less than $70/month and $825/year.

#5: Consulting

The covered services are agricultural consultants, education consultants, HR consultants, IT consultants, management consultants, market research analysts, marketing consultants, research consultants, and SEO & SEM consultants.

The median premium here is less than $30/month and $350/year!

#6: Finance & Accounting

Insureon provides assistance for accountants and auditors, bookkeepers, financial advisors, stockbrokers, and tax preparers. The median premium is relatively less at less than $35/month and $400/year!

#7: Food & Beverage

Services covered are bakeries, banquet halls, bars, cake, and cookie bakers, caterers, coffee shops and cafés, delis, restaurants, food trucks, food vendors. The median premium is around $135/month or $1610/year and depends on the type of food and beverage business, business equipment and property, revenue, etc.

#8: Healthcare Facilities

The covered services are ambulatory services, dental labs, dialysis centers, laser eye centers, medical offices. The median cost is around $65/month and $785/year and depends on services offered such as surgery and long-term care and business equipment, etc.

#9: Healthcare Professionals

This industry’s many covered services are acupuncturists, chiropractors, CPR and first aid instructors, dentists, dieticians and nutritionists, doctors, EEG technicians, etc. The median premium of this industry is around $30/month or $350/year. It depends on healthcare services provided like dentistry or hospice care, etc.

#10: Home-Based Businesses

It covers home-based services like accountants and auditors, app developers, cake and cookie bakers, caterers, computer repair and installation, and 22 more! The premium depends on home business service offered, business equipment, etc., and the median lies at $25/month and $300/year.

#11: Human And Social Services

Services like adoption agencies, after-school youth programs, daycare centers, foster care centers, group homes, nursing homes, senior centers, social workers, and NGOs are covered. The premium depends on the services offered, like adoption and crisis resolution, etc., and the median cost lies around $42/month and $500/year.

#12: Installation Professionals

Services covered are installing appliances, ceiling and wall, door and window, drywall, fence, flooring, glass and glazing, HVAC, siding, telecom, tile and stone, and lastly, construction contractors. The premium varies depending on installation services offered like HVAC, and the cost is less than $60/month and $710/year.

#13: Insurance Professionals

They cover actuaries, claims adjusters, life and health insurance agents, property and casual agents. The premium depends on insurance products offered, business property, etc., and the median lies at $45/month and $550/year. Insurance choice Review

#14: IT/Technology

Services like app developers, computer repair and installation, data scientists, digital marketing agencies, IT consultants, and ten more! The premium depends on services offered and lies around $60/month or $730/year.

#15: Landscaping

Top landscaping services they insure are irrigation, landscape design, lawn care, tree service. The premium again depends on the type of service provided and costs around $45/month or $530/year.

#16: Manufacturing

The top manufacturers they insure are clothing and apparel, food and beverage, metal, and wood. The premium amount depends on the products you manufacture, and the median premium is less than $45/month or $530/year!

#17: Media And Advertising

The top businesses covered are advertising agencies, broadcasters, graphic designers, PR agencies, publishers, and social media companies. The premium is based on advertising or media service provided, amongst other factors, and is around $35/month or $415/year.

#18: Nonprofits

The top NGOs insured at Insureon are animal shelters, charitable organizations, churches and religious organizations, community centers, and counseling and referral centers. The premium you pay depends on your services like counseling, pet adoption, etc. The median premium is around $45/month and $500/year.

#19: Personal Care

Insureon extends insurance to barbershops, day spas, estheticians, hair and beauty salons, massage therapists, medical spas, nail salons, and permanent makeup artists. Premium depends on various factors but majorly on the personal care services you offer, and you might expect to pay around a median of less than $35/month or $390/year.

#20: Pet Care

Covered pet care services are animal hospitals and veterinarians, pet boarding, pet groomers, pet sitters, pet stores, and pet trainers & dog walkers. You need to ward off pet injuries and expect to pay around a median of $0/month or $480/year.

#21: Photo And Video

They cover photographers, photography studios, video production studios, and videographers. Your premium would fall around a median of $23/month or $275/year and depend majorly on your service type.

#22: Printing And Copying

The top businesses insured at Insureon are advertising agencies, graphic designers, print shops, publishers, and screen printing. The premium lies around a median of $40/month or  $485/year.

#23: Professional Services

Insureon insures 18 professions, including but not limited to career coaches, corporate trainers, DJs, employment agencies, event and wedding planners, lawyers, publishers, talent agencies, tutors, travel agents, etc. The premium for professional services depends heavily on your service, but the median lies around $40/month or $500/year.

#24: Real Estate

The professionals insured are closing agents, commercial landlords, mortgage brokers, property managers, real estate agents and brokers, real estate appraisers, and title abstractors. The premium median lies around $30/month or $390/year!

#25: Retail

Top retailers Insureon insures are amazon sellers, beer, liquor, and wine stores, bridal stores, and 12 other categories. The median premium is around $65/month or $790/year and depends on the retail services or products sold.

#26: Sports And Fitness

Top fitness professionals Insureon provides services for are dance instructors, fitness instructors, gyms and fitness centers, personal trainers, pilates instructors, yoga teachers, and Zumba instructors. The median premium for this industry on Insureon is less than $70/month or $810/year.

#27: Therapy and Counseling

It insures the therapists and counselors like animal-assisted therapists, expressive and creative arts therapists, faith-based and pastoral counselors, health educators, marriage and family therapists, etc. The median premium for this industry has been calculated as less than $30/month or $350/year.

#28: Trucking

The services covered in the trucking industry are freight brokers and forwarders, owner-operators, tow trucks. The premium again largely depends on your service and other factors.

#29: Wholesale And Distribution

The businesses insured by Insureon in this industry are computer and electronics, food and beverage, jewelry, and plumbing supplies and fixtures. The premium depends on your services and your business income etc.; however, the median premium is $45/month or $542/year.

In A Nutshell…

Insureon provides insurance online delivery for almost every business, as we saw above. I hope you found your business as well. Your premium depends on many factors like the service you provide, your turnover, location, business equipment, number of employees, policy limit, deductible, and so on! However, Insureon provides you with quotes from the best insurance providers, and you can choose the one you find most value-adding. So, this was all about which industries Insureon offers general liability insurance to. I hope this article covers your industry. Also, if you have any insurance queries drop them in the comments box. I am all ears!

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